This site was launched Christmas Day 2019 from Winchester, Ky., in honor of a younger brother, nicknamed Sweet T, who had a gift for gab which he called his “rap”.

A 1967 graduate of ECSU in N.C., where he garnered the nickname; he joined the Peace Corp,  serving 3 years in Afghanistan. He even got a shout out in the book “Little Women of Baghlan'' by Susan Fox.

Some people are good at telling stories or jokes and he was that kind of person. He loved telling the story, or “rapping” as he called it, about the day he was in Kabul wearing the local attire, standing on a corner speaking Farsi with some friends. In the distance, he could see a foreigner going from one person to another trying to get directions. The foreigner was getting more frustrated with each approach because of the language barrier and by now Sweet T knew that he was an American.He finally approached Sweet T’s group and asked the question in a dejected manner, expecting the same result when Sweet T stepped up and said; “Hey, man. You go down this street, turn right at the 1st corner, left at the next corner and you are right there.”SHOCK AND AWE in the face of his American “brother.” The “brother” could not believe what he had just heard with his own ears from an “Afghan.” (No, this could not be an Afghan speaking the language of the American Streets. He had to process this in his mind quickly. Who is this?)When it came to him who this could be, he grabbed Sweet T’s hand and then his arm, a smile came to his face and with deep gratitude and a sense of pride, he thanked him profusely. This was his American “brother” doing the work of the Peace Corp in Afghanistan. (Sweet T had enmeshed himself in the Afghan culture and was unrecognizable on the streets of Kabul.) They chatted for a while and a heartfelt farewell followed.This is one story that Sweet T never left out of his “rap”. So Sweet T, this site is in your memory, gone too soon of prostate cancer at 52. Gentlemen, you know what you need to do, Go In Peace.Hope you like our site and can find something of interest here. We appreciate your business. Please use the CONTACT US page to get in touch.